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Microscope Slides
“A copy test results that were conducted by Scholl College, comparing sterilizing ability of the Glass Bead Sterilizers to Cold Sterilization and Autoclaving, is available upon request”

Microscopic Slides

We are providing glass slide like microscope glass slide, microscope slides and glass slide.

Slides for Oral Histology

Name Price in USD (Per Piece)  
Dorsal Surface, Tongue 16.00 Buy Now
Filiform Papillae, Tongue 19.00 Buy Now
Fungiform Papillae, Tongue 22.00 Buy Now
Floor of Mouth 16.00 Buy Now
Gingiva 19.00 Buy Now
Mucin Secreting Salivary Gland 16.00 Buy Now
Normal Lip Mucosa 16.00 Buy Now
Normal Oral Mucosa 16.00 Buy Now
Seromucinous Salivary Gland 16.00 Buy Now
Serous Salivary (Parotid) Gland 16.00 Buy Now
Soft Palate 16.00 Buy Now
Ventral Surface, Tongue 16.00 Buy Now

Special Structures in Oral Histology

Name Price in USD (Per Piece)  
Circumvallate Papillae, Tongue 32.00 Buy Now
Foliate Papillae 29.00 Buy Now
Fordyce’s Granules 29.00 Buy Now
Hard Palate 29.00 Buy Now

Taste Bud

Name Price in USD (Per Piece)  
Taste Bud 56.00 Buy Now

Dental Anatomy : Decalcified Tooth

Name Price in USD (Per Piece)  
Alveolar Bone 49.00 Buy Now
Cementum 49.00 Buy Now
Cemental Hyperplasia 63.00 Buy Now
Cementicles/Excementosis 63.00 Buy Now
Dentinal Tubules (C.S.) 56.00 Buy Now
Dentinal Tubules (L.S.) 56.00 Buy Now
Normal Pulp, Tooth 63.00 Buy Now
Periodontal Ligament 49.00 Buy Now
Pulp Calcification 63.00 Buy Now
Pulp Fibrosis 63.00 Buy Now
Pulp Necrosis 63.00 Buy Now
Pulp Stone 125.00 Buy Now
Reparative Dentin 63.00 Buy Now
Secondary Dentin 63.00 Buy Now

Dental Anatomy : Ground Sections of Tooth

Name Price in USD (Per Piece)  
Acellular Cementum 78.00 Buy Now
Cellular Cementum 78.00 Buy Now
Cementoenamel Junction 88.00 Buy Now
Dentinal Tubules 78.00 Buy Now
Dentino-Enamel Junction 88.00 Buy Now
Dental Caries, Enamel 64.00 Buy Now
Dental Caries, Dentin 78.00 Buy Now
Enamel Tufts 78.00 Buy Now
Enamel Lamellae 78.00 Buy Now
Interglobular Dentin 94.00 Buy Now
Incremental Lines of Retzius 88.00 Buy Now
Neonatal Line 94.00 Buy Now
Odontoblastic Processes and Enamel Spindles 78.00 Buy Now
Secondary Dentin 64.00 Buy Now
Reparative Dentin 78.00 Buy Now
Tome’s Granular Layer 78.00 Buy Now
Sharpey’s Fibres 78.00 Buy Now
Gnarled Enamel 88.00 Buy Now

Terms and Conditions :

Delivery : Minimum of 4-6 weeks from date of receipt of order as all slides are prepared against order only.

Minimum order : 10 slides

Freight Charges : 10 slides - US$ 45.00
: 20 slides - US$ 53.00
: 30 slides & above - US$ 60.00

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